VAT Training in UAE

Corporate VAT Training in the UAE

Companies are being advised to register and plan as soon as possible for the implementation of value-added tax (VAT) in the UAE, which will take effect on 1 January 2018. Failure to do so will result in penalties.

Registering can be achieved with the assistance of our staff, who will walk you through the VAT registration process step by step. Enrolling in one of the VAT courses in Dubai, on the other hand, will help you prepare for VAT in the UAE. Simply Finance, our business, provides VAT training in Dubai and throughout the UAE.

Our VAT/Tax Training Course is currently in progress.

Modifications to Sales and Accounting Systems are Needed

The only training curriculum that addresses the Sales and Accounting Aspects of the Value Added Tax in accordance with the Executive Regulation.

This curriculum is designed to help businesses train their workers in order to gain a better understanding of the VAT implementation in the UAE. The training will be delivered on-site by one of our experienced VAT consultants. If the customer is located outside of the UAE.

What Are the Benefits of Attending a VAT Training in Dubai?

This VAT training is useful to every organisation because it will cover all aspects of VAT that most people are unfamiliar with because VAT is a new concept in the UAE. The accounting staff of businesses can gain a better understanding of VAT and how to properly account for it as a result of this training.

All will be covered, from the proper and agreed method of invoicing to keeping track of entries. We’ve come up with answers to your questions as well as an overview of how VAT affects our country. This VAT training would also include the preparation of VAT return forms, as well as the different types of products and services and the accounting treatment of VAT for each. Our VAT training in Dubai is geared for those who are unfamiliar with the VAT system. This is for people who make important business decisions that have long-term implications and require VAT.


Who Should Attend the Dubai VAT Training?

Since it is important for an organisation to function as a unit, we recommend that the company carry the following personnel:

  • CEO and CFO
  • Accountants-at-Large
  • Accounting Managers and Chief Accountants
  • Cashiers & Treasurer
  • Consultants in Taxation
  • Prepares of tax returns
  • Accountants and Controllers on Staff
  • Internal Auditors are people who look at the internal workings of
  • Managers of Procurement
  • Finance Managers and other accounting and finance personnel
  • Managers of Costs and Budgets