VAT Refund In UAE

VAT Refund In UAE

When the input VAT on the tax return is higher than the output VAT. Meanwhile, with the aid of Simply Finance controlled tax agents in Dubai, you would be able to seek a refund of the excess sum as a taxpayer. The tax on products (goods and services) purchased by a company or taxable individual in the UAE is known as input VAT. The production VAT, on the other hand, is a tax paid by businesses or taxable persons in the UAE on goods they sell.

Obtaining VAT Refunds Eligibility

After the implementation of VAT in the UAE, the company and its reputable team of tax professionals have assisted clients who are liable for VAT refunds.

  • A taxable individual or a business company who has paid so much VAT.
  • Visitors to the UAE, either tourists or international companies.
  • Foreign governments, military bodies, agencies, foreign organisations, and the like have to pay VAT on every item they supply in the UAE.

Company Tax Refunds in the United Arab Emirates

A VAT-registered company must apply for a refund of VAT within one calendar year of the end of the calendar year in which qualifying requirements were met.

When such requirements are met, our team of VAT specialists in the UAE will assist in determining whether a business is eligible.

Taxpayers in the UAE may be eligible for tax refunds, especially if one or more of the following conditions apply:

  • When the taxable person’s or business’s tax payment exceeds the net amount of tax due.
  • Excess VAT can be carried forward to the next taxation date in the case of an excess in deductible net VAT per VAT return.
  • When a taxable individual submits a qualified application for VAT deregistration, there is an excess in recoverable net VAT.

If the entire excess sum is exhausted, the FTA will balance the taxable person’s or business’s VAT refund against the VAT amount that it would pay. Officials at the UAE’s FTA will respond to requests for VAT refunds within sixty days of receiving them, beginning on the date the taxable business submits the request. Take notice that required documentation, such as receipts and invoices, must be provided. Incomplete or inaccurate details provided to the tax authority will lead to the denial of a VAT refund application in the UAE.


Tourists and foreign businesses are eligible for VAT refunds.

With the support of our experts, non-residents visiting the UAE can demand refunds for VAT paid while in the region. Non-residents have benefited from the firm’s assistance in reclaiming VAT, including:

Individuals who are citizens of a GCC member state and are liable to pay taxes

  • A non-resident of a GCC member state who meets one or more of the following conditions:
  • During the tax period in which a VAT refund application is filed, it must not have made any supplies of products (goods and/or services) that would make it liable to pay VAT in the UAE or any GCC member state.
  • However, in the country of domicile, you must be VAT licenced or registered for service.