Trade and Working Capital

Trade and Working Capital

Is it the best option for your business to expand trade and working capital?

The projected liquidity, organisational competence, and overall financial health of a business is referred to as working capital. If your business has a large amount of positive working capital, it has the capacity to invest and expand. Working capital, also known as Net Working Capital, is distinct from the company’s existing assets, such as liquid assets, receivable accounts, resource and finished product inventories, as well as current liabilities.

The difference between your current assets and current liabilities, which is directly related to everyday operating costs, is known as trade working capital.

This determines your Working Capital and assists in determining if your business has sufficient liquid assets on hand to meet short-term financial obligations.

Investing in UAE Trade and Working Capital

Our team at Simply Finance promises to provide you with first-class service and full control over your financial assets, enabling you to concentrate on what matters most – the growth and expansion of your company.

Letters of Credit, Discounting, Bank Guarantee, Negotiations, Bills for Collection, and Treasury Services are just a few of the Trade and Working Capital related items we sell. We also give UAE companies flexible capital financing, such as overdrafts and short-term loans.

What is the procedure for applying?

A significant number of UAE companies are looking for trustworthy audit and accounting firms to help them manage their trade and working capital. It’s critical to make the best choice when it comes to selecting the best financial advisory firm to meet your company’s financial requirements. At Simply Finance, we guarantee unwavering support and openness across our Trade and Working Capital Suite of Services.