Tourism License


UAE is a major tourism centre with a strong demand for tourism-related businesses

The United Arab Emirates is a major tourism center, with a strong demand for tourism business licences in the area. A tourism trade licence is required in Dubai and throughout the UAE for businesses involved in the travel and tourism industry. A new hotel classification scheme determines whether hotels and hospitality businesses need a tourism licence.

Unified licences for commercial and leisure operations would also facilitate tourism trade in the UAE. A tourism licence is required if you want to start a business such as a travel and tourism company, a restaurant, a hotel, or even a car rental company. To learn more about the tourism licence in the UAE, contact the business setup experts at Simply Finance.

The Benefits

Simply Finance will help you obtain a tourism licence. We provide you with the following benefits as part of your tourism licence:

  • We keep everyone informed and work together to meet the additional requirements.
  • Work with the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing to coordinate your efforts.
  • Assist you in obtaining additional permissions and certifications.
  • Rental assistance for your travel agency’s office.
  • Gather the documents needed to start a travel and tourism company.

Simply Finance is a leading provider of company registration services in the area, with experience in registering a wide range of business activities. If you need help deciding whether or not to open a travel agency in Dubai, UAE, speak to one of our business consultants for free!