Tax Filing and Returns

Tax Filing and Returns

Vat return filing is an important part of the VAT system since it is used to record the VAT collected and charged by an individual to the tax authority for a given time span. VAT-registered entities can file VAT returns in the UAE using the online portal available on the Federal Tax Authority’s (FTA) website. Type VAT201 is the form that is used to file a VAT return.

When does a taxable person in the UAE file a VAT return?

Any taxable person in the UAE is required to file a VAT return on a regular basis. The VAT return must be submitted by the 28th day of the month following the tax period that the tax authority has indicated. According to UAE VAT rules, the taxable entity is also obliged to pay the due tax sum to the tax authority within the prescribed time span. When it comes to VAT, you have 28 days from the end of the tax period to make a deposit to the tax authority.

What can we do to help you file your VAT return?

Simply Finance has a team of tax experts who can help you file your VAT return by providing assistance and advice. We will assist you in completing your VAT return by performing the following tasks:

  • Our staff will come to your location on a daily basis to collect the documents and records needed to file the tax return. 
  • Our tax experts will also provide you with advice and guidance on payment of tax liability in accordance with the VAT law. 
  • At the end of each tax year, our team will prepare and file the tax return on your behalf in accordance with the pronouncements of the VAT law applicable in the UAE.
  • We will ensure that the return is filed within the time frame set by the FTA.
  • Proper tax preparation is carried out for the client organisation.

How do you file VAT returns in the United Arab Emirates?

Any taxable individual in the UAE can use the online portal on the FTA’s website to file their VAT return. The person filing the tax return should first log into the FTA online portal’s e-services and access Form VAT201 by entering the appropriate username/email address and password. Our team of tax experts will be happy to assist you in filling out the entire form and filing the return by the FTA’s deadline.

How Simply Finance Will Assist You With Your Tax Return Filing

Our professional Tax / VAT Consultancy Team is available by phone or email to assist you with our Professional Tax / VAT Consultancy Services, which include filing VAT returns, helping you introduce VAT through your organisation, and training your staff on required processes and procedures. For a consultation meeting, contact our Experienced Partner today at +971 52 343 9189 | 043882582 or