Tax Agent

It can be difficult to keep track of deadlines and file your taxes. All tax agent services are known to our advisors. Our advisors thoroughly examine the company’s financial dealings and devise the most realistic strategy for dealing with all tax problems in a transparent manner. In most cases, a tax agent is named on behalf of another person to represent him before the IRS. A tax agent manages a client’s tax responsibilities and conducts a variety of legal tasks as required by statute.

Simply Finance, a registered tax agent in the United Arab Emirates, serves as a liaison between the Federal Tax Authority and taxable individuals. In front of the FTA, we represent your company as a taxable entity. Simply Finance VAT agents make it a point to stay up to date on regulatory amendments in order to avoid incurring penalties for failing to comply with the new rules. We will help you properly prepare your taxes and distinguish between the Dos and Don’ts.

A tax professional saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your company. It is often preferable to choose one than to bear the responsibility alone. If a client does not have records in Arabic, he does not need to worry because our skilled professional will represent your tax records in Arabic.

Tax Agent Services

Simply Finance, a well-known tax advisor in Dubai, UAE, will assist you in,

  • Getting into tax enforcement
  • Executing civil practices
  • Keeping track of documents
  • Creating and submitting a VAT return
  • Dealing with FTA VAT returns after Penalization Organizing
  • Keeping accounting records
  • Taking care of ad hoc inquiries