Professional License

Professional License

In the UAE, specialists and technicians need a foreign trade licence.

The ability of a specialist is critical in a service-oriented company. This is why, in order to start a business in the UAE, specialists and practitioners must obtain a UAE foreign trade licence.

Technical licences in the UAE are awarded based on educational qualifications and areas of expertise. Several considerations go into obtaining a professional licence. Documentation, Chamber of Commerce permits, local formalities, and so on are examples of these. Get your professional business licence at Simply Finance almost instantly with the right documents!

Did you know that a professional licence in Dubai can enable foreign investors to own 100 percent of a business? In certain countries, a professional trade licence also entitles you to the benefits of a sole proprietorship. To complete the judicial formalities, companies with professional trade licences must hire a UAE national as a local service agent. The local service agent receives a set annual fee and has no other ties to the company. This is not the case in mainland business setups, where the company is 51 percent owned by a UAE national.

However, with Simply Finance, you have full control over your business, whether it’s a specialist firm or a mainland LLC!


You must first choose a jurisdiction and a business operation, as well as the number of shareholders in the company. The methods can vary depending on the company’s structure. The procedure for forming an LLC in Abu Dhabi, for example, would vary from the procedure for forming a service-oriented small business in Abu Dhabi.

Do you want to start a new company in Abu Dhabi but don’t know where to begin? Do you want to learn how to open a restaurant or trade shop in Abu Dhabi? Simply Finance will take care of anything for you! Simply talk to our Abu Dhabi company formation experts to get all of your questions answered about these and other business activities in terms of Abu Dhabi company registration.

The Benefits

  • Simply Finance will help you get a professional trade licence. Take advantage of the following additional services and facilities:
  • Obtaining the required paperwork from the judicial departments and delivering it to you
  • For approvals, coordination with educational institutes is required.
  • Visa applications, licence applications, labour quota applications, translation facilities, and so on.
  • Assisting with corporate bank account opening.
  • Fixed annual fee, trading honesty, and dependability
  • Suitable for entrepreneurs, SMEs, and multinational corporations (MNCs) looking to penetrate the UAE market.

The UAE encourages skilled entrepreneurship, making it easy to establish a business in the area. Call us right now to learn more about professional licences or to renew your professional trade license in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE.