PRO Services

Allowing you to concentrate on your company by providing hassle-free PRO assistance and paper clearing services.

The UAE is one of the most investor-friendly countries in the world, but proper documentation and approvals are needed! Appointing Simply Finance as your UAE PRO company is a simple solution.

Simply Finance provides hassle-free PRO support and paper clearance. As a foreign investor, understanding the laws, such as currency fluctuations, Arabic-translated documents, and other restrictions, can be difficult. Our PRO experts in Dubai at Simply Finance will assist you with all of the formalities associated with starting a company. You will also save up to 70% on administrative and PRO services when you work with us!


Simply Finance is a licenced UAE PRO service provider in Dubai that has been officially recognised. We also have a Tasheel Center in our office to provide you with round-the-clock support. This also cuts down on the time it takes to process paperwork and obtain attestations, making it the most cost-effective PRO service in Dubai.


  • Government approvals are required
  • Trade name approval
  • Notary / Court Agreement Letter
  • Contract with Typing LLC (Arabic and English)
  • Documentation from the embassy
  • Paperwork for civil defence
  • Paperwork related to the municipality
  • Paperwork from the Labor Department
  • Paperwork from the Immigration Department
  • Paperwork from the economic department
  • Attestation of a certificate
  • Translation of legal documents
  • Services for obtaining a UAE business licence
  • Clearance of the contract
  • Visa processing services are available
  • Amendment to the visa
  • Renewal of a labor card and an immigration card


  • Economic Development Department
  • Chamber of Commerce is a business organisation
  • The Ministry of Labor is in charge of this
  • Embassy of the United Arab Emirates
  • Authorities of the Judicial Courts
  • Department of Immigration and Naturalization
  • Roads and Transportation Authority is a government agency that oversees the transportation of people and goods
  • General Residency and Foreigner Affairs Department