Industrial Trade License

Industrial Trade License

An industrial licence is provided for manufacturing and industrial businesses.

In the United Arab Emirates, manufacturing and industrial businesses must obtain an industrial licence. The Department of Economic Development issues industrial trade licences. The Finance and Industry Ministry’s approval, as well as approvals from other judicial bodies, are required. Industrial licences in the UAE are valid for a set period of time, subject to the terms and conditions specified at the time of issuance.

Organizations that convert natural resources or change raw materials are given an Industrial Trade License. This modification may be structural or cosmetic in nature, with the aim of producing or manufacturing new goods, semi-manufactured products, or fully manufactured products. Production, segregation, accumulation, packaging, and other activities are primarily involved in these activities. A business with an industrial trade licence is required to have a physical warehouse within the country. Call Simply Finance if you want to learn more about an industrial licence in the UAE.

The Benefits

  • Simply Finance will help you obtain an industrial trade licence. Under an industrial licence, we have a number of benefits, which are mentioned below:
  • Until applying for an industrial licence, this service provides preliminary review.
  • Developing market prospects from trustworthy and reliable sources.
  • Via judicial interference, the revenue transaction and proceeding are protected.
  • An industrial licence opens the door to more buyers and customers.
  • Modern manufacturing infrastructure and a globalised business culture
  • Telecommunications and e-governance systems of the highest quality.
  • Financial intercessions and logistics markets with a high level of sophistication.