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In Dubai, you can form a business. Each of the UAE’s free zones or free zones has its own set of costs and packages. The cost of forming a corporation in a given free-zone jurisdiction is determined by the authorities applicable to that free zone. This means that each free zone would have its own set of rules and costs. For example, the cost of establishing a business in Dubai’s Jebel Ali Free zone would vary significantly from that of establishing a business in Dubai’s South Free zone. Despite the fact that both free zones are part of the same Emirates of Dubai, they are distinct and have separate authorities that determine the cost of company registration in the area.

The UAE market offers a variety of options for establishing a free zone sector. Commercial companies favor Sharjah, Dubai, Fujairah, and RAK free-zone as some of the most cost-effective and accessible free zones.

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A list of costs for establishing a free zone company (may or may not apply to some free zones)

  • The cost of registering a business in a free zone.
  • The cost of a free zone licence.
  • Smart desks, office units, permanent offices, and warehouses all have rental costs.
  • Minimum share capital is needed.
  • Fees for visas in free zones.
  • Charges for bank guarantees.
  • Fees for a Registered Agent.
  • Charges for name approval
  • Charges for notarization
  • Expenses for insurance
  • Fees for opening a bank account.
  • Fees for typing and delivery
  • The price of a medical examination.
  • The cost of a police clearance.
  • Fees for Emirates ID cards.


For all your corporate dealings, an offshore company registration in the UAE ensures tax savings and asset privacy. The UAE is unquestionably a tax-free sanctuary for a variety of company structures. You can incorporate your business in Dubai Offshore, Jebel Ali Offshore, Ajman Offshore, or even get a RAK offshore company registration in one of the seven emirates. These offshore jurisdictions not only provide offshore banking services and economic protection, but they also retain full confidentiality of company transactions and shareholder identities.

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The costs of forming an offshore company in the United Arab Emirates

  • Fees for forming an offshore corporation.
  • Fees for offshore licences.
  • Fee for the Memorandum of Incorporation.
  • The cost of a registered agent.
  • There is a charge for assisting in the creation of a bank account.
  • The expense of a company stamp.