Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study

For organisations to estimate their chances of completing projects successfully, a comprehensive feasibility study is needed. Feasibility studies are used by businesses to determine potential negative and positive consequences from a project. This is done prior to putting money and effort into it.

A well-researched and conducted feasibility study will clearly identify potential problems that may arise during the implementation of a project, as well as the financial, operational, and other organisational implications. After evaluating all of the contributing factors, it decides if the project will be profitable.

If you want a high-quality company feasibility study in the United Arab Emirates, you’ll need to invest the time and resources to recruit an accomplished organisational consultant. Our organisational consultants have a lot of experience with strategic plans and feasibility studies.

A Feasibility Study’s Components

Our feasibility research services in Dubai usually involve the following components:

Project Overview – A summary of the project, its goods and services, as well as the business model and delivery process.

Market Feasibility – Business viability identifies potential customers, rivals, the industry, future and existing market potential, and sales forecasts.

Technical Feasibility – Lists information about delivering a product or service, such as labor, raw materials, transportation, technology required, and business locations.

Financial Feasibility – A forecast plan for the amount of money needed, the form of money needed, and estimated P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flows, among other things. This includes a summary of the study’s assumptions, a sensitivity analysis, and a graphical overview of key financial data.

Organizational Feasibility – An overview of the organization’s organisational and legal framework; this can include information about the founders, their professional backgrounds, and expertise that can assist the company in starting and continuing operations.

Our team pays close attention to your business model and clients, is tech-savvy, and has a strong grasp of complex data. Clear communication, multitasking, interpersonal skills, as well as logical, observational, and critical thinking are among their abilities.

We perform independent market research with our own resources and collaborate with leading market research firms in the UAE to collect authentic market data, which serves as the basis for a successful feasibility report.

Our client deliverable are comprehensive financial models created using spreadsheets, which are backed up by exhaustive reports and presentations. We also create summarized project teaser documents that prospective investors may want to look at before making any further investment decisions.

We’ll help you evaluate the chances of success, and our involvement will give your investors the trust they need to invest in your projects.