Abu Dhabi Packages

Special Company Formation Package For Abu Dhabi

The expense of starting a company in Abu Dhabi is all-inclusive. Continent


Simply Finance makes forming a company in Abu Dhabi easy. You will pay for the first year and be set for the second without having to worry about renewals. In addition, the cost of forming a business in Abu Dhabi is lower than in most other Emirates in the UAE. For AED 23,500*, you can get a full licence and all the necessary paperwork to start your company.


Whether it’s a specialist firm, a regular LLC, or a general trading LLC, Abu Dhabi mainland business registration necessitates the submission of several documents. Each company structure has a unique collection of documents that may be needed during the business setup phase in Abu Dhabi. We cover all of your documentation costs, including the necessary PRO services in Abu Dhabi, at Simply Finance Business Setup.


Did you know that in order to start a business in the UAE, you must have an office? However, renting an office to start a business in Abu Dhabi is not needed. By establishing a company in Abu Dhabi, startups can save money on their initial costs and avoid renting office space. Simply Finance provides a complete solution for starting a company in Abu Dhabi – contact one of our representatives for more details.


For only AED 23,500*, get full foreign ownership with a 2-year mainland licence in Abu Dhabi. Not just that, but there’s more! We can also assist you with all of the required government paperwork to start a business in Abu Dhabi. Depending on your business style, you would need to negotiate with the Economic Department and other governmental bodies while forming a company in Abu Dhabi. However, with Simply Finance, you won’t have to worry about anything because we provide one-stop-shop solutions for all of your needs.