Sharjah Mainland

Sharjah, a thriving emirate in the United Arab Emirates, implements new avenues of change on a regular basis. The Sharjah mainland is an excellent place for both service and manufacturing businesses. Sharjah is regarded as a strategic location that connects major trading zones and provides a cost-effective means of commercialising your business. The position enhances the country’s marine and shipping industries. As a result, establishing a company in Sharjah is a viable choice.

Simply Finance Business Setup’s company formation in Sharjah mainland is cost-effective and needs the fewest administrative procedures. Our Sharjah company setup consultants take care of everything for you, making it incredibly easy and convenient to start a business in Sharjah. Shuraa assists multinational corporations as well as small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in obtaining Sharjah business licences. We have excellent startup packages for companies forming on the Sharjah mainland. This makes establishing a business in Sharjah with Shuraa much more appealing, as foreign investors would be able to explore and participate in a variety of sectors.


The classification of the business operation is the first phase in the process of forming a company in Sharjah. There are a few more steps that differ depending on the type of company. After determining the operation, the associated approvals and paperwork can be completed in order to obtain a Sharjah business licence.


  • There are numerous advantages to starting a business in Sharjah, some of which are described below:
  • It serves as a crossroads for manufacturing, service-oriented businesses, and cultural and educational institutions.
  • The cost of a Sharjah trade licence is reasonable.
  • Sharjah company registration is simple and has few restrictions.
  • The economy is very supportive of SMEs, and Sharjah has over 54,000 of them.