Business Sponsor Services

Corporate sponsorship that is dependable and trustworthy and guarantees complete operational ownership

Finding the right Emirate sponsor in your area can be challenging. Simply Finance will help you start your business in the UAE because we provide dependable business sponsorship services. For an annual fee, we sponsor your company as an inactive partner in your venture. Simply Finance will help you with your business sponsorship at a low cost. We also have the necessary contacts with government departments to make the paperwork process as simple and quick as possible.

With Simply Finance sponsorship services, you’ll have complete support throughout the process of forming your business. We can handle all of your regulatory licences, Department of Economic Development permissions, and other submissions.

Prepare to start a company in one of the best investment destinations in the world, and leave the rest to us! For more information on Simply Finance sponsorship services in the UAE, contact one of our free business setup consultants.


Simply Finance draughts a ‘Investor Right Security Contract,’ which ensures that the company is 100% operationally owned. We have a legal team that will draught the contract to ensure that it is completely transparent.

To start a business, you’ll need to draught and attest documents such as a power of attorney, an incorporation agreement, a purchasing agreement, and company registration documents, among others. Simply Finance will draught a power of attorney for you that will enable you to change the local sponsor. Our side-and-service agreement expressly states that our consulting firm will only assist the investor in forming a business in the United Arab Emirates.

Our investor rights contracts are enforceable in all UAE courts, and we provide all of these services in the UAE. Only practical and legal solutions are offered by Simply Finance to ensure a successful company formation in the UAE.

Contact Simply Finance for a copy of a pre-drafted investor right security document.