Ajman Mainland

Ajman Mainland

Ajman’s large-scale growth is attracting a lot of attention from local and international entrepreneurs as a rising economy. The emirate is bringing exciting business opportunities to the country, especially for startups, small and medium businesses, and businesses with limited resources.

Setting up a company on the mainland of Ajman is simple and cost-effective. It provides companies with opportunities for expansion and recognition on a global scale. The low cost of an Ajman mainland business licence is another explanation for its increasing popularity.


The general procedure for establishing a company on the mainland of Ajman involves reserving a trade name and submitting the requisite documentation based on your business operation. After that, you must obtain provisional approval by ensuring that you have fulfilled the inspection criteria. Follow up with the economic department and, if necessary, have external approvals for your business operation. Then, draught the company’s Memorandum of Association, pay the fees, and get the licence to open a business on the mainland of Ajman.

Simply Finance ensures that your business licence is processed quickly and efficiently, and we can provide expert advice on your business setup in Ajman, UAE. There are many benefits to establishing a company in Ajman. However, it’s critical to know which choices are best for your business. Simply Finance provides unique business setup packages for the mainland of Ajman that include a variety of services for a low price, starting at AED 14,000.


There are many benefits to establishing a company in Ajman, including the following:

  • Ajman company registration provides low-cost commercial spaces and offices for sale.
  • The cost of an LLC licence in Ajman is lower than in most other emirates.
  • Because of the simple lease options, manufacturing companies tend to set up shop in Ajman.
  • Two international airports and four ports are conveniently located in Ajman.
  • Ajman is an excellent location for business formation because raw materials are readily accessible.
  • Ajman is a great place to start a company because raw materials are readily available.

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