Bank Assisstance

Opening a bank account is simpler and faster with our in-house banking counters.

Simply Finance will help you with all of your banking needs as you start your business in the UAE. We will assist you with opening a bank account or obtaining a bank guarantee.


Business companies and high-net-worth individuals from all over the world aspire to open a bank account in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. To open a UAE business bank account, you must complete a number of steps. We will also assist you in locating the most suitable business bank account in the UAE.

Opening a bank account in Dubai for non-residents or corporate entities has never been easier thanks to Simply Finance. Although the criteria for opening a bank account may seem complicated, Simply Finance will guide you to the right banks in the area that offer low banking fees, a simple reporting system, high quality services, and reasonable fees.

Talk to our company setup specialist if you want to open an account with the best bank in Dubai or learn more about any of the UAE banks or offshore banking services.


A bank guarantee is offered to a business or a person, regardless of their ability. As a result, the parties concerned agree to a small fee or understanding. In order to make an investment or maintain working capital in the UAE, certain business practices necessitate bank guarantees. Simply Finance assists businesses with a short-term bank guarantee that can last anywhere from 3 to 10 days.

In the Bank Guarantee scheme, there are primarily two parties involved: the Principal Debtor and the Bank’s Beneficiary. Simply Finance assists you by making you the beneficiary of an enacting principal debtor. Simply Finance improves the company’s creditworthiness in order to secure a bank guarantee.

A business can need different types of bank guarantees; to learn more about how Simply Finance will assist you with the best banking facilities in the UAE, contact our experts!